Electroscopes – The Regulator Digital Long Range Locator

The Regulator – Digital

As with the Regulator (classic), the digital version is pre-set for gold only, but other metals can be detected by simply including a like metal in the sample chamber.  Now with the LCD display, the tuning on the Regulator is more refined than ever.  Large, easy to view numbers can be set on the screen where you get the best detection. The display also features a backlight for low light conditions and a battery icon to show battery life.  Highly discriminatory, the Regulator is a favorite among prospectors.  If you are looking for deposits of gold, veins, hunting tailing piles for nuggets, or just looking for an area to set up your prospecting equipment in a river or a stream, the Regulator digital may be for you.regdigitial

Improved Discrimination
Can Locate Rings, Jewelry, Small Caches, & Nuggets
Can Locate Meteorites, Platinum, & Other Precious Metals
Includes Transporting Case and Soft Accessory Case
Includes Heavy Duty, Highly Conductive Ground Probe Accessory
Meter For Fine Tuning Signal Strength
9 Volt Alkaline Battery
10 Position Tuning


Price: $1,795.00

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